Prostatitis: the types, symptoms and causes of the disease

The prostate gland (prostatitis) is a very important part of the male genital system: it is the secret, ensuring that the physical activity and the health of your sperm. The secret, it contains enzymes, immune globulin, acetic acid, citric acid, vitamin, ions, and zinc. In the case of a violation of the activity of the prostate, sexual function of the male body diminishes. The most common disease of the prostate is the inflammation and prostatitis. It will be subject under the age of 20 and 50 years of age or older. The older a man is, the greater the risk of impact. Prostatitis occurs in an acute or a chronic form, it is often difficult to diagnosed and may lead to persistent dysfunction of the prostate gland. The most serious consequences of a prostatitis – infertility, and prostate cancer.

the diagnosis

On the whole, in the world of chronic prostatitis is afflicting nearly half the able-bodied men. Issues in the treatment of prostatitis in modern medicine is actively engaged. Prostatitis, in fact, are treated with success, it is important to diagnose it as early as possible. It appears only on the signs of prostatitis, you should consult with a urologist. In the early stages of a possible out-patient treatment, in the case of a patient in the hospital. The course of treatment, when both of these cases, it is a one-to-two weeks, after which time the patient will need to take preventive measures for the prevention of further inflammation of the prostate gland. The rate of recurrence of the prostatitis, chronic – more than 50% of

Types of prostatitis

Depending on the cause, and the condition of your current disease, to distinguish between the following types of prostatitis:

Prostatitis acute, it is difficult to flowing into the inflammation of the prostate gland that occurs as a result of a bacterial infection in their tissues. Many of the bacteria that are a normal part of the microflora of the body, and they are constantly present in the intestine and the skin-to-skin. However, when they enter into the tissue of the prostate gland, usually due to non-compliance with elementary rules of hygiene and for other reasons that may cause the development of an acute inflammatory process. Prostatitis acute, it is extremely rare. The treatment must be carried out in a hospital setting.

Chronic prostatitis-bacterial - nearly one-third of all cases of inflammation of the prostate gland. This form of prostatitis is dangerous, because it signals the painful, can spontaneously subside even without any treatment. But that does not mean to cure it after some time, comes an increase in, flowing out, each time more painful. If you will, from time to time, don't do anything, there is a risk of development of purulent foci and deposits of stones in the prostate gland, an inflammation of the bladder and other serious complications, even cancer.

Chronic prostatitis/syndrome of chronic pelvic pain. It is difficult to form, diagnosed as prostatitis, it manifests as constant pain in the pelvic region lasting more than three months. Along the way, we are able to detect abnormalities in the neurological and emotional disorder. The diagnosis is made, the process of elimination, the analysis may not show the signs of inflammation.

Asymptomatic chronic prostatitis. It is asymptomatic and can be identified based on the analysis of urine samples, which shows a high concentration of white blood cells and bacteria.

Chronic granulomatous prostatitis. It is usually a side effect of the drug treatment of other diseases and / or irradiation of the prostate gland. While this is a disease of the tissue of the prostate gland is gradually replaced by connective tissue, and the iron no longer works.

the procedure

The symptoms of the disease

Men who are suffering from different forms of prostatitis, it can be pointed out for the common symptoms. These include the following: Difficulty in urination due to contraction of the canal the inflammation of the prostate gland. When urinating, you may experience pain and a burning sensation. A violation of mechanism of erection, the weakening of the state of ohio. In the fast-paced to a premature end. The reduction of the output power. Mental illness and depression, and the anxiety disorders. For the patients, prostatitis is a very important frame of mind for recovery. The stress is, in addition, it relaxes the body and makes it more difficult for the treatment, which then leads to even more depression. From this a vicious cycle for the patient, it can be hard to get out of, because of this, there are times when the prostatitis advanced, shall be prescribed anti-depressants.

A cause of prostatitis

The cause of the disease, prostatitis diverse, but mainly related to the violation of a man's health: sexually transmitted diseases; impairment of blood circulation in the pelvic organs – for example, as a result of the sit-in-style-of-life-long abstinence, interrupted sex, or artificial lengthening sexual relations; violation of the immunity; frequent on the forum, which is a typical one for the lovers of extreme sports; stress, hormonal imbalance; lack of vitamins and trace elements; non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.


Prostatitis, delivery, men, serious problems: issues with urination, decreased libido, violation of erectile function. If the patient is the one time you do not receive the proper treatment, it can be with a probability of 40% for developing male infertility, such as the prostate gland is no longer able to produce the secret was normal in quantity and quality that is required. Self-treatment of prostatitis, is not acceptable, because it can lead to a worsening of the patient's condition, and the occurrence of co-morbidities. For example, it is incorrectly attributed to the antibiotics that adversely affect the intestinal microbiota and significantly reduce immunity, and if this does not resolve the problems with the prostate gland. Other medications only mask the disease and its symptoms, thus worsening the situation. Therefore, the prostatitis is necessary for diagnosis, and treatment by a trained professional.



The preventive measures for the prevention of prostatitis are: a strict observance of personal hygiene; - regular theory, the sexual life; and healthy physical activity; a diet with plenty of protein, vitamins, and trace elements; improvement of the overall challenge; the resignation in the consumption of alcohol and smoking cessation; timely treatment of any infectious disease; a decrease in the overall level of stress. Because of the large number of types of prostatitis and the causing factors of their development, the men are expected to be attentive to your well-being, and is not to be less than two times per year, so a visit to the doctor-the urologist. It is particularly important that, after forty years of age and older.