The drugs in with chronic prostatitis: the titles, the indications, the mode of application of

Prostatitis today, it occupies a leading place among the diseases of the urinary system in men over forty-five years of age. Typically the disease is diagnosed in older adults, but the pace of modern life contributes to the fact that the disease is often detected at a young age. The reasons for the development of the disease, there are many, but you will need adequate time to carry out the treatment of prostatitis, chronic of the men. The medication, you should pick a doctor based on the results of the analysis. Only in the course of therapy, you have the privilege of time to help stop the disease.

Chronic prostatitis

Causes of

Chronic prostatitis

Prostatitis is a disease which is characterized with the development of an inflammatory process in the prostate gland. The disease is usually caused by microbial pathogens, which are included in the glands of the urethra, the bladder, the bowel or the with a flow of blood, and lymph. The infection causes the development of inflammation. For the sake of the development of prostatitis, in fact, a good deal. Predisposing factors are:

  • the permanent prison of the body.
  • the subarrefecimento of the body.
  • a sedentary lifestyle;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases or urinary system pathology;
  • chronic diseases in the body.
  • to abstain from sexual intercourse or, on the contrary, many sexual intercourse;
  • the violation of the immune system;
  • the experience overall.

The types of

Chronic prostatitis is of several types:

  1. of bacterial;
  2. present, along with chronic pain in the pelvic region;
  3. symptoms of inflammation;
  4. to the old.

Before you to assign the drug for the treatment of prostatitis, chronic in men, the doctor will determine the type of the disease and to find out the cause of their appearance.

A form of the disease

Prostatitis in this case, it is developed on the basis of a bacterial infection, the development in the gland. As a result, the body begins to burn, it actively reproduces all the microbes to do the job.

A form of prostatitis

The latent form of prostatitis

It is characterized by the presence of pelvic pain over a period of time. The disease can be inflammatory and non-inflammatory in nature. Semiology of absence, the pathology of the run, in secret.

Asymptomatic prostatitis

The disease is difficult to diagnosed, and since a long time without symptoms. The pathology observed in a third of the men with prostatitis. It is diagnosed incidentally during an examination at a later time. The cause of this disease is not known.

Of stagnant prostatitis

For the sake of the development of the disease, advocating for the stagnation of the processes in the gland. This disease is non-communicable in nature. The reasons for its development are numerous:

  • trauma to the pelvis or spinal column;
  • the abnormal construction of the vessels of the urinary system;
  • abnormal growth in the intestines, and the urinary bladder;
  • withdrawal, or multiple sexual intercourse;
  • the inactive style of life.
  • the disturbance of the metabolism;
  • the poisoning of the body.
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The diagnosis

In order to install, what to treat chronic prostatitis, a doctor must conduct a search of the male, and to find out the cause of a problem, in the form of it. First of all, the doctor's studies in the history and do the inspection, rectal examination board. He takes her to the secret of the prostate gland for the research. It is also assigned to the TRUS, laboratory tests of blood and urine samples.

During the investigation of a secret in the breast is defined as a sensitivity of pathogenic microorganisms to various drugs and anti-bacterial. No, it is impossible to assign an efficient drug for chronic prostatitis.


The chronic form of the disease proceeds with periods of remission and relapse for a long, long time. But the cure for the disease, according to urologists, there may be, but just in case, if the disease is not already running. But, in severe cases, it is possible to alleviate the condition of the patient, to translate the disease into remission.

the treatment of prostatitis

Also, you need to follow the advice of a physician, to perform all of its duties, without this it would not be able to cure a chronic illness. The treatment can be difficult and time-consuming, but it will give you positive results.

In the urinary system and for the therapy of this disease are a number of groups of medications. The treatment in this case, you must be comprehensive in scope. Put on the following groups of drugs:

  1. antibiotics;
  2. non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS);
  3. hormones;
  4. alpha-blockers;
  5. antispasmodic tools
  6. the bio-regulatory peptides;
  7. relax your muscles;
  8. herbal drugs of abuse.

Bacterial interactions with the tools

Medicinal products for the treatment of prostatitis, chronic, by necessity, include a course of antibiotics. It is necessary to do away with the pathogenic microflora. You assign a drug to the doctor, from the results of the analysis.

These medicines help to eliminate the root cause of the disease. Now on the wireless internet use by various groups of antibacterial drugs.

Penicillinum group

These drugs are used often, such as they are, are a highly bio-available, a wide range of actions resistant to the acidic environment of the stomach, and a low order of toxicity to all bacteria. The proper use of medication eliminates the risk of adverse reactions.

All of the medications from this group can be used in combination with other drugs. Of the share taken with certain other antibiotics that occur with the weakening of the penicillins.


The drugs in with chronic prostatitis, men can also be applied to the third and to the fourth generation. The drugs are no different from a wide range of steps, and a high resistance to beta-lactamases compared to the drugs of the penicilinasOh the group.


Normally, it is a natural antibiotic, has antimicrobial action, concerning the active and inactive bacteria. The higher the concentration of the active substance in the blood, the greater the drug effect. The drugs of this group are characterized by a lack of of allergic reactions, a low level of toxicity, even in the high-dose toxicity. Therefore, the physician needs to properly calculate the dosage of the tools prior to their appointment.


The drugs belong to a group that is different from all other antibiotics, the structure of the source. They do not have natural counterparts, are used in severe cases of the disease, when all other means have proven to be effective. The drugs are of the four generations....


These medicinal products in the chronic prostatitis is the least toxic. This is a group of antibiotics safer and more secure. The drug is well-tolerated by all patients; adverse reactions usually do not occur. They accumulate in the tissues at a high concentration, therefore, is effective in the treatment of prostatitis in any form and severity.


Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS)

The drugs of this group are to stop the pain and reduce the inflammation in the gland.

Medications hormone

These drugs are often usually only when NSAIDS fail to bring the desired results.


These drugs promote the relaxation of muscle tissue in the urinary canal, which leads to a better output in their urine. These drugs do not cure the disease, but will not resolve your symptoms, in particular urinary retention in the acute or chronic form.

Antispasmodic tools

These drugs work to resolve the muscle spasm of the blood vessels, contributing to the improvement of the blood circulation, eliminating aches and pains in the head, to improve the output of the secretions of the prostate gland. These funds are generally made up of between two and five days.

Relax your muscles and the bio-regulatory peptides

The drug treatment of prostatitis, chronic in men and women with the tools to allow you to relax all the muscles in the genital region, eliminate pain, and to normalize the function of the secretion of urine, to normalize the metabolism of iron, to speed up the regeneration of tissues of the prostate gland.

Herbal medicine

These medicinal products in the chronic prostatitis is presented in the form of capsules or solutions.

Other methods, such as the treatment of prostatitis

In addition to medicinal therapy it is necessary to carry out the massage of the prostate gland, taking immune modulators, to take part in physical activity. Your doctor can prescribe a therapy that can bring the functionality of the body. You will also need to eat properly. Your doctor will tell you that the type of diet, it is worth it to join. Only an integrated approach can help to get rid of chronic prostatitis. This is a disease that is dealt with at the time, but in the respect of all of the tasks to be able to get rid of it forever. In severe cases, it is possible to achieve long remission.


A doctor provides a number of methods of treatment of prostatitis, of the trivial and the less the power before the root:

  • you can adjust the course of therapy, drugs, and rectal massage to coming back every six months.
  • you can trust the popular media to believe in miracles;
  • go on and forget about a sex life...