Methods of effective treatment for prostatitis for men at home

Prostatitis – an inflammation of the prostate gland that occurs because of a violation of the micro-circulation of blood to the muscles of the pelvis and the pelvic floor muscles or an infection in your body's tissues.

The inflammation of the prostate gland in men

It is accompanied by a significant deterioration in the quality of a man's life. It is not appropriate to worn or the wrong treatment leads to a frequent relapse of the transition to a chronic disease.

In addition to the conservative therapy, there are other effective approaches to combat this disease. One of the most important of these is the treatment of prostatitis in the home.

However, it is not worth the trouble, and at the same time to disregard qualified medical assistance. First, you will need to obtain a medical examination, medical examinations, and to identify the root causes of the failures.

How do you determine the existence of a prostatitis

Of course, an accurate diagnosis can be put only to the specialist. However, there are some signs that should cause a man to pay attention to their health.

The diagnosis of the disease in the house is, "don't you see," these are the first signs of concern, and in a timely manner to consult with your doctor.

Prostatitis, acute does not allow it, but most of them are present in the chronic form of the disease that develops slowly increased with the gradual intensification of the symptoms.

  • an increase in the frequency of urges to urinate;
  • the feeling of discomfort in the groin and in the genital area;
  • disorders of sexual.

With the failure of the state in strengthening the painful onset, you arrive to the increased risk, which has been the most active symptoms.

  • pain in the lower part of the abdomen;
  • the pain when urinating;
  • an involuntary loss of urine when they:
  • the pain sensation during your bowel movements;
  • a significant decline in erection;
  • overall if you feel unwell;
  • the increase in the temperature of the body.

How do you determine the existence of a prostatitis

By going to a specialist, he must go for a diagnosis, and get to your destination. The faster you solve the problem with the help of the drug treatment of prostatitis, is more effective when you add in the amount they are allowed to methods.

As the prostate gland is treated in the house

The treatment of prostatitis in the home require the use of short stories, recipes, massage, and physical therapy the devices, which will help you deal with the disease and reclaim the health of men.

It is important to understand what is the home treatment of prostatitis is possible only in the case of the absence of the complications of the disease. The shapes, often repeated episodes of the illness are in need of the most attention and the most serious measures over the course of therapy.

Recipes of traditional medicine

For the therapy of prostatitis for men at home, based on the popular recipes, it will help to relieve the pain that is caused, relieve inflammation, and restore the normal process of urination, as well as how to improve the tone of the body, and its resistance to any kind of infection.

Pumpkin seeds in the treatment of prostatitis

Pumpkin seeds prostatitis

The seeds of the pumpkin are used for the treatment of prostatitis more than a century. Its healing action is due to the maintenance of a large number of this sv, such as zinc. The male body needs a day, there's a zinc in your body, it will help you keep and maintain your health. The method used in the dry, but it is not deep-fried, the seeds of the pumpkin. They need to clean up the shell and eat it. The treatment is usually enough for a pound of seed. That is, the course is going to last until it's going to end, "the remedy". If you repeat any such courses in each year, the risk of a worsening of the chronic prostatitis is significantly reduced.

The first way: every day, you need to eat 30 seeds from the pumpkin. Do it before you eat it, the rush is not worth it, and they must be thoroughly chewed.

The second way: Peeled raw pumpkin seeds will flow through a meat grinder, and add to it the 200 grams of honey. All is well stirred, and tour balls the size of walnuts. For the treatment of chronic prostatitis every day, and eat 2 of these with the ball. As in the previous case, consumed prior to a meal. With all the balls to be a swallow, to chew and suck them in within the first two or three minutes.

The infusion will continue on

The main ingredient in this is to continue. For the treatment of prostatitis need to take the bark, or the leaves of the hazel. It can also be made alternately on both of the ingredient and alternating them. When the crust is necessary to the manufacture of beer in twice the time, since it is much more difficult.

The recipe: about a tablespoon of the leaf or bark) to continue to boil for a cup of tea in the boiling water, close with a tight lid and wait for half an hour. Then strain it and, take 1/4 cup 4 times a day. It is best to use each and every time that the material is fresh. This is usually sufficient for one week of these procedures.

For the wormwood, when prostatitis

Wormwood is an herb, with which you can handle almost any infection including pyogenic. How are you able to cure the prostatitis absinthe? It is best to carry a full course, which includes a reception desk, to the inside of the cooking liquid, and rinse the urethra. You need about 100 grams of dried artemisia, that brother is in their hands you can help reduce, and sifted in a sieve. A small fraction is used for the ingestion of the dried form, the large ones, to the stock from which they do microclysters, and the wash of the bowel to the urethra. , You will have a double impact on the body, and that it is clean of pathogens, infections, which leads to a disruption of the inflammatory process.

The treatment is continued a week. The droughts of the planet, regardless of the food, take a pull on the inside, sprinkled it with water. Each and every day, in the evening, they do microclysters, and the washing of the urethra with the previous one.

Decoction to mikroklizm with a shower are as follows. A teaspoon of it with a blade of dried herbs in there, pour in a pint of boiling water. After it cools up to 40°C and supply voltage. For each and every procedure you're going to need 50 ml of the cooking liquid. With the help of the honey they produce to injection into the anus, and the urethra. Injection into the penis to produce dramatically for the liquid oxygen that has progressed as far as you can. For each step, you will need to use a syringe.

Juices and medicinal

Effective in the treatment of prostatitis in the home, you will be able and happy to move on with the help of the juice. In conjunction with the medication, these measures have shown good results. They are proven in the juices of vegetables that should be eaten on a daily basis (600 ml). When the prostatitis is particularly suitable for the juice of carrot, beet, and a blend of cucumber and asparagus juice. Of course, this is not required and must be purchased in a store, and the fresh, just-pressed juices. You take them out it can be a constant, but the rate is a minimum of 10 days.

The treatment of prostatitis parsley

Parsley for the treatment of prostatitis

The Salsa has an extensive list of transport and its medicinal properties, especially good, for it takes out the inflammation, and restore sexual functions.

In spite of the fact that we've always applied it to the salsa in your cooking, we want to thank her for the spicy flavor, parsley is a medicinal herb because it contains the a large number of useful features, a good source of vitamins and minerals. Thus, for example, 100 grams of parsley, there are two normal day to day of pro-vitamin a, which, by the way, it is useful to as for the eyes. And a source Of vitamin c, which is nearly 4 times more than in limone sul garda! In addition, in the parsley, ma-talkie udogodnienia jak-a, inulin, is a natural analogue of insulin, it also regulates the the level of glucose in the blood, and, in addition, it is the ultimate source of energy for the intestinal microbiota.

The juice of the parsley to make a tablespoonful, 3 times a day half an hour before a meal.

Also, it is useful to apply the seeds to the salsa. Finely chop 4 tablespoons of the seed in the dust, m, and pour in a cup of boiling water, then place it to cook for 15 minutes, then set aside to cool. The front desk will make 4 to 6 times a day for 1 tablespoon.

Bee products for the treatment of prostatitis

When you home treatment of prostatitis quickly, it will help the candle made on the basis of honey and propolis. They are to be stored in the refrigerator. Use it, and then glue on to the rear passage.

For the manufacture of pastries, honey, candles, need, honey (1 tablespoon), egg (1) flour (3 tablespoons). They all blend together, and form small ponds. Use a sharp, two times a day. The treatment continued for a month, and after over a month and a half into it, it can be repeated.

To make the candles, propolis charge of 50 g. of the alcohol, and crushed in the honey, mix and insist 2 weeks and do not have access to the light, every day, small world. After this the mass is evaporated on a steam bath until it becomes brown and yellow. Next, the resulting mass is mixed with cocoa butter to form suppositories. The treatment of an interested person, on a daily basis in the time limits of 35 days, prior to going to sleep. To heal the disease at home, this could be a 2-3 historical exchange rates, with the interval of 8 weeks.

Massage to the prostatitis

The massage of the prostate gland

When the prostatitis or for the prevention of urologists, to recommend courses of massage of the prostate gland. It will help you to deal with any form of chronic prostatitis. This is on account of improving local blood circulation and stimulation of the body.

The key to the effectiveness of your massage treatment last?

  • the normalization of the local blood circulation;
  • the improvement in the muscle tone;
  • software is the output of the discharge;
  • to improve sexual function;
  • to increase the efficiency of drug treatment.

The massage can be carried out by means of rectal or influence through the tissue perineal.

In the first method, it is considered to be the most effective. The access to the prostate is through the anus. It is better to entrust this procedure to the technician, because the prostate is very gentle to the body, and the fabric is easy to damage the mechanics of the impact.

The application of this method to the in-house massage is also available. The man can do to a relationship. You can deal with and independently, using special devices – massager of the prostate gland. They are in size and shape, allowing you to safely check them in to the anus, and to take the necessary actions.

The simplest form of massage is a massage outdoors. It's less effective, but it is done with no penetration. It can also be run as a manual by pressing down and making the movement known as the circular of the in the groin area. You can also use a massage is appropriate for my items. For example, it is a good massage to the outer procedure, that is, a table-tennis ball. It is placed on top of a chair, a man sits on top and smooth blade in it, to the front and to the rear. The procedureon to run it several times a day, but it will be worth it to do it in the morning, immediately upon rising in the morning. Enough about five minutes later.

For a massage at home, you had to have a therapeutic and preventative effect, and not to have brought harm, you need to know the location of in the prostate, every movement of the hold very carefully as well as take into consideration the indications and contra-indications.

Indications and Contra-indications of the massage of the prostate gland

  • Prostatitis, acute;
  • The presence of signs of malignant lesions of the prostate gland;
  • The presence of cysts and stones in the prostate gland.

In the physical Form as well against prostatitis

The physical form of the prostatitis

The whole world knows that the movement is life. The active movement, regular physical loading, are you a good prevention of prostatitis is caused a stagnation in research. If the disease is already present, the good results of your treatment, give you a simple exercise that is enough to hold up to three times per week.

If you can, it's worth doing for the education of medical physics in the health care setting. However, many of the exercises are available for self-employed the field of practice. They don't need a super, special conditions, and it is a very good add-on for the full treatment, will allow for a quicker and more efficient to cure the condition at home.

Squat against prostatitis

A very effective way to exercise, to regenerate the flow of blood to the pelvic organs and the prostate gland, including, for they are the sit-ups. Ideally, you need to squat 100 times, but they don't necessarily do it all at once, you can split them up into 2-3 sets with a short break.

If it is difficult to achieve, is the number of trades, the number is expected to increase gradually. Enough of the medical-preventive load, you will be abdominal muscles up to three times per week. The proper squat should be deep, and below it a hand when it is raised to the top of it.

Other exercises for the treatment of prostatitis

  • lying on the stomach, is performed, the direct elevation of the legs (20 times);
  • "shear" movement) to direct a little off the ground with the legs in a sitting position, his hands on the back, a little to the back (20 times);
  • lie on your back, push your legs into your chest as high as you can, to push it to them with both hands and stay in that position as much as possible, but no more than 20 minutes.
  • by putting feet together, squatting down by one-third, to present alternating knees to the front. The exercise is performed for about 5 minutes on a daily basis in the morning and in the evening.

A great exercise, the blood circulation in the pelvis, it is normal to go on foot. Walk whenever you can: just a regular walk or travel for business on a short distance to walk, climb the stairs instead of the elevator.

Instruments and apparatus for treatment of prostatitis

The development of modern medical technology, has led to the creation of a wide variety of devices for the treatment of this disease, you can to fight the disease at home without any of the regular walking in to a health care facility.

The job of the device is based on a number of principles, but the impact is directed at achieving a single objective – the stimulation of the prostate gland by improving the blood circulation in the area, and the resolution of the stagnation phenomenon.


  • of the vibration;
  • of the magnetic;
  • the stimulus-modulated current;
  • to laser.

For each type of equipment has its own "strong points" of the hand. For example, the micro-vibrations, the more quickly and efficiently disposed of in the doldrums of the issue, it improves the muscle tone and the strength of the magnetic closer, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, decongestant effect.

There are also devices that combine the principles of the work, and they are the most versatile.