The first symptoms of prostatitis men's

The prostate gland plays a very important role in the functioning of the male body – it is the existence of the sperm thins out the semen, takes part in the regulation of the levels of the hormone. Men suffering from this condition, and of the knowledge of the phenomena of the inflammatory on the prostate.

the first signs of

Forms of prostatitis

The experts distinguish a number of types of pathology:

  • Chronic bacterial colony – a chronicle of the progression of the disease triggered, a bacterial infection;
  • Chronic-abacterial – chronic inflammatory process that generated the non-communicable causes;
  • The acute form of the disease – the chronic pain attacks are concentrated in the vicinity of the organs in the body;
  • Without a form of pathology – is difficult to be determined, usually after the regular check-ups.

It's hard to say how it will leak out of the disease in each and every one of the men. The presence or absence of a signal is dependent on a number of factors, both external and internal. For your convenience, the characteristics of the condition, the symptoms of prostatitis is accepted to divide into 3 broad groups: those related to the violation of urination, disorders of sexual function, mental health problems, by using their names.

The signs of the development of prostatitis

As is evidenced by the prostatitis? Usually, the medical doctors stand out of the 6 signs pointed to prostatitis. If the man has noticed at least 2 of the characteristic from the list, then it's not necessarily, you should contact your health care provider:

  • Weakly downward-sloping to the stream of the urine, with a small range;
  • The obstruction of the moments when you urinate;
  • The painful phenomena in the process of urinating;
  • The duration of urine, spilled urine, intermittency of the stream;
  • The partial emptying of the bladder;
  • A frequent need to urinate, especially at night.
the prostate gland

The doctor will always be able to recognize the first symptoms of prostatitis in the male, and the treatment following the diagnosis is carried out in a timely manner with a positive outcome. A list of the symptoms that occur due to a breach of urinary function, which, due to the anatomical characteristics of the building and the location of the bladder neck and the prostate gland. The most significant and notable are also the symptoms of prostatitis are related to the disorders of the sexual function.

The causes of the pathology.

Experts talk about root causes educational disease:

  • The weakness of the it can increase the immunity are reduced by the barriers of protection to prevent the occurrence of short stories from many of the viral infections;
  • The infectious process against the elements, germs, bacteria, blood or lymphatic pathways coming into the prostate gland. The characteristic feature of this phenomenon is the temperature when the prostatitis increases;
  • A sedentary lifestyle – leading to failures in the supply of blood, loss of oxygen;
  • Faults in the movement due to a period of stagnation in the genital area is due to a lifetime of sexual exercise, of a long abstinence from sexual relations, bumpy sexual intercourse.

The inflammatory phenomena in the prostate gland, can occur due to the penetration of germs, but it to the development of infections needs to pathogenic microflora, which may be created due to the following factors: – the presence of a harmful addiction, the prison of the body, hormonal failure, trauma, hypothermia, etc.

The symptoms of the pathology.

the discomfort

As is evidenced by the prostatitis? Important symptoms that indicate the occurrence of reported prostatitis – hard, the process of urinating, sensation of pain at the moment. Frequent urges to is the emptying of the urinary bladder in small portions, showing the development of the disease. Therefore, you should always consult with your doctor on this situation, and if not, it will change to chronic inflammation, and structure. The acute Form of the disease, to determine the a lot more easy for the manifestation of the disease is always sudden, abrupt. It must be considered that the leakage of this disease is due to the individual characteristics of the organism of each person. Include all of the following symptoms of an inflammation of the prostate gland:

  • The sensation of pain in the perineal region;
  • With the increase of temperature.
  • In the process of bowel movements, accompanied by painful crises,
  • Violation of of of of power;
  • Frequent urination;
  • Increased sweating;
  • The general ill-being.
  • The sense of overcrowding in the bladder;
  • Irritability, sudden mood swings;
  • Excretory phenomena of the urethra during bowel movements.

Generally, only a few of the points mentioned above.

An increase in the temperature of the

The development of the acute-a condition characterized by an intoxication of the body, and the fever of the state, and the temperature, when prostatitis can reach up to 40 degrees celsius. Sharp the type of prostatitis that requires timely treatment, otherwise it can lead to negative consequences, up to and including surgery. A little longer to decide on the passing of a medical examination, which may adversely affect the modified chronic condition, with a very long period of development, which would require large financial costs for their treatment.

The pain from the attacks, to the development of the disease


The structure has a complicated history of prostatitis is usually accompanied by the sign. The pain of the prostatitis, the men are characterized by the precise location you want. In the absence of a process for the treatment of pain, the attacks will increase, spread to other sexual organs. When the running occurs in the development of the acute phase of the disease, and pituitary adenomas. It is well known that pain is a prostatitis of men – for short-terms, long-term benefits. Regular, painful crises, leading to an uncomfortable life style, the development of a neurosis in the male, it decreases the quality of life. Typically, the pain occur in the following situations:

  • In the process of urinating;
  • During the time of the erection;
  • When the sexual contact;
  • At the conclusion of a sexual relationship;
  • In the process of bowel movements;
  • Due to the long period of abstinence or, on the contrary, the random sexual intercourse
  • After you have a cold;
  • Due to the challenging strain.

The resolution of pain is possible, thanks to one of the following ways:

  • The massage of the prostate gland;
  • The herbal treatment;
  • Hormonal methods of curing pathology;
  • A special diets for the normalization of the status of a person;
  • An Anti-methods for the solution of the interfering elements;
  • The use of blockers to oblegchenno effect on your health.

Adenoma of the prostate gland, or prostatitis?

Adenoma of the prostate gland is a neoplasm was benign, in the area of the prostate gland, often, this pathology occurs in men after 45-50 years of age and older. An important question in the teaching of pathology to recognize a hormonal imbalance – as the years pass, the levels of male hormones in the changes, it crashes. Also, there are risk factors that can contribute to the onset of the conditions – obesity, stress, diseases, harmful addictions. The manifestation of the disease is evident, therefore, already in the early stages of their development can be defined as the accuracy of the diagnosis. On the trail of an adenoma of the prostate gland in men, and is characterized by a gradual movement, developing if the tumor causes clinical trials the new times.

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The diagnostic measures

Your doctor will look for signs of prostatitis in men and the treatment, you will be assigned to you. In order to determine a prostatitis it is necessary to consult a urologist who will perform a physical exam, and prescribe any other major diagnostic procedures:

  • Medical examination of the development of the full clinical picture of the;
  • The decision of the examinations of the urine;
  • Specimens for detection of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • The detection of the presence or absence of an infection, it's taken a swab from the urethra;
  • We look at the progress the game;
  • Ultrasound of the organs in the body;
  • Urography;
  • Biopsy – when there is a suspicion of cancer research.

Using the above results, in the proceedings of the medical scheme for treatment of the disease of the patient.

Methods for treating prostatitis

From that point, explaining, and talking about this is the pathology? After you have made the diagnosis of the disease, the doctor to determine the treatment plan for the condition, and is often used in a broad-based approach, including the following:

  • Therapeutic agents the methods of the expert to assign the course to the intake of the medicines, or antibiotics to eliminate the damaging of the nutrients, which has led to the prostatitis. Also, they do lower the temperature.
  • The physiological exposure to, for example, with a laser, ultrasonic waves from the oscillation of electromagnetic energy.
  • They are used in the popular methods in the treatment of a hot-house treatments, herbal and medicinal;
  • It is made up of a massage in the area of the prostate gland – it releases the duct from the stagnant phenomena, increase the supply of blood to all the organs in the body;
  • Herbal medicine the use of herbal pills helpful in herbal medicines, dietary supplements, and help strengthen the immune system, fight infection;
  • Psychotherapeutic ways for the cause of the prostatitis, the men are developing psychological problems, negative and lost confidence are the fears during sexual intercourse;
  • The techniques of surgical treatment when they are on the run-and-heavy stage of the development of the disease, such as, for example, abscess of the prostate gland;
  • To correct the immune system – your doctor may to assign the right vitamins and minerals help vitamin d to strengthen you can increase the immunity of the patient.
  • Well-balanced, proper diet, or to prostatitis, and the rejection of alcohol, smoking, fatty foods, limit salt intake, and drink more plain water at least 2 liters a day.
pain in the urinary bladder

With the onset of the disease

How to determine prostatitis, I know that each and every representative of the stronger sex. On the onset of the disease, may indicate the existence of such features: a stream of urine is reduced, the distance of fall is less than 20 cm;

  • the urine was intermittent, painful;
  • there remains the feeling of emptying incomplete bladder;
  • more and more of the urge to urinate during the night.

More often than not, the onset of an inflammatory process that causes the infection. This also contributes to the stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs, the appearance of which is helped by the work is sedentary, and being overweight. In the event of a violation of blood circulation in the pelvis, there are several pathogens that can cause development of prostatitis. However, the disease began to manifest itself, and the body should be toned down.
Contributing to this is the subarrefecimento of the body, constipation, sedentary work, inactive lifestyle, the abstinence of a active sexual life with different partners, either under-treated for chronic diseases, and hormonal disorders, the presence of situations that could cause depression of the immune system: get enough sleep, the recycle bin, a poor diet, to stress. The disruption of the work of the prostate gland, which can be expressed in many different ways. Therefore, prostatitis and the men are divided into 2 types, which are characterized by their signal – acute and chronic.

Prostatitis, acute

Prostatitis, acute, has the three phases of clinical manifestations:

  • catarrhal;
  • the follicular;
  • parenchymatous.

To find out how to recognize the onset of prostatitis are acute, they should be considered for symptoms that are characteristic for each phase. In the beginning of the development of prostatitis is acute, occurs at the deceased, by the shortness of breath stage. In the human body, it dramatically increases the number of cells, which is guaranteed in the normal operation, thus, triggered the start of the inflammatory process. Also the cause of the inflammation can be infection, which is classified into the prostate gland from the environment. As a result of an inflammatory process spread on the slices of the prostate gland, it swells and increases in size, it broke up the work-setters of the pipeline. About how it manifests itself in the prostatitis, the men departed for the shortness of breath phase to indicate such symptoms.

the increase in the temperature of
  • a slight increase in the temperature of the body;and
  • the pain is in the groin area;
  • frequent urination, accompanied by pain.

The symptoms can be expressed in the weak, but the time for them to pay attention and start the treatment, it will cure the disease, it can be 7 to 10 days.
The first symptoms of prostatitis, men have not been identified, then, in the course of the disease progresses to the next stage. It develops the follicular form of the disease.
A few slices of the breast, begin to fester, have formed a festering one's home. The symptoms are becoming more and more bright, pronounced

  • the body temperature rises to 37 °c — 38 °C);
  • the pain in the groin area is increased, giving to the sacrum, the anus, or in
  • the process of urinate, accompanied by pain;
  • pain during a bowel movement.

Not getting the proper treatment, the disease will progress and advance to the next stage. The number of purulent foci increases, and they come together, it is possible for the abscess of the prostate gland. If you are manifesting these signs and symptoms of prostatitis: on the increase of the temperature up to 39 °c and higher, shaking chills, weakness, and a lot of thirst, the pain becomes very strong, and give you the straight because of the pain, and the man restrains your urges to defecate, and will take place in the prison of the body, it can stop you from urinating. So, to start the treatment the better as soon as the first symptoms of the disease, and to the evil, which is the body, the disease was kept to a minimum, but the recovery is achieved as soon as possible.

The diagnosis of prostatitis: acute

the massage of the prostate gland

One step in the identification and treatment of prostatitis leads to the diagnosis. To diagnose the disease in time, it will help you to start treatment immediately and prevent complications of the disease. To diagnose the disease, you will have to go to a doctor, urologist or andrologist. If it's a man's business with a question: "How do you know if it's the prostatitis?", it is better to go in for a consultation with your doctor. On the basis of the complaints of the patient, the doctor will conduct an examination for the primary and to schedule the exam. The treatment is effective, it is necessary to understand what caused the disease. For the analysis in the laboratory is given on the residential:

  • the secret of the prostate gland;
  • the general analysis of urine;
  • the analysis of the urine, in three parts.

It is also carried out on the cultures of the urine from dapplemere, and transrectal ultrasound of the prostate gland. Ultrasound of the acute-prostatitis-made in ultra or transabdominal. As a result of the particular shape of the breast, its size, and changes the focus. On the results of research in a particular stage of prostatitis are acute, and the higher determines the treatment.